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HACCP Accreditation

In 2009 all our wash facilities underwent independent audits and were successful in obtaining HACCP Certification. The certification covers the Logtek wash and storage process.

This process has been developed to meet the initial Coles food and safety requirement.

What does this certification mean to you?

Any crates being returned to any Logtek site must be rewashed (even if they are still in their original pallet wrap). So, if you return crates which are eligible for a hire charge refund, then a wash fee will be deducted from the refund.

Each pallet of crates will be covered on the top and bottom as well as the sides.

Note: We are aware that this traps some of the residual wash moisture in the pallet and that this moisture is not compatible with some produce types.

Crates will only be loaded on to suitable transport (closed-in trailers) that are free of debris and other contamination. This is an important HACCP requirement. If you are a low volume supplier who only collects 1 or 2 pallets at a time in a trailer or ute—you must make sure that you can cover the crates with a clean tarp.

Logtek will refuse to load crates onto vehicles that are not suitable.

Public Liability Insurance
Pact Group Liability Certificate of Currency 18-19 Viscount Logistics

Change in Western Australia's Import Requirements

I wish to advise you that due to a change in Western Australia’s Import Requirements, accreditation under Compliance Arrangement 'Cleaning of Plastic Crates and Bins' [CA-CB] is no longer required and the Department will be discontinuing the arrangement and as a result, the accreditation at all your accredited facilities will no longer be required. Attached is the new import condition ’00 – Containers’. The plastic bins and crates we supply now meet 1.a.ii ‘clean and constructed of solid plastic’ in the attached.



HACCP Certificates
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Western Australia, Import condition ’00 – Containers
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Sanitiser SDS
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Code of Practice Food Safety & Quality letter Click Here to Download

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